Raja Yoga for Magicians

Raja Yoga for Magicians

“Be thou athlete with the eight limbs of Yoga; for without these thou art not disciplined for any fight.”
–The Book of Thoth

A healthy body and a focused mind are valuable tools for any practicing magician. In this introductory workshop, Soror Vajra (Deborah) will explore the eight limbs of Raja yoga and their relationship to Thelemic magic.

Some topics covered:

—-An overview of the eight limbs of Raja yoga, in a Thelemic context
—-The relationship between yoga and magick
—-How to prepare your body and mind for meditation practice

No prior yoga experience or knowledge is necessary. We look forward to seeing you there!

This class is FREE to dues paying members, $10 for all others. our Paypal address is starofbabalon156@gmail.com