Lunch with the Electoral College and Guests: O.T.O Inititates O* and above only

Local Sisters and Brothers!  Please come join us for a social gathering to meet our traveling Brethren.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet members of the O.T.O from all across the country!  The Electoral College works to help Local Bodies flourish, so come ON out, say HI, and make a new friend.

Lunch will be catered and will include gluten free and vegetarian options for $20.  You can pay in cash or via paypal starofbabalon156@gmail.com (preferred).

Lunch will include:

Antipasto Platter w/ crackers

Hummus Sampler w/ pita and corn chips

Greek Salad with Vinaigrette

Cole Slaw

3-Meat Combo w/ grilled onions, pickles, BBQ

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Mini snack platter


2 inch Fresh Fruit Tarts