Delegate Talk: Pax Templi and Path of Mediation

“Pax Templi” means “peace of the Temple.” This term refers to the harmony among members of the Order. Maintaining Pax Templi allows everyone to have a positive experience and enjoy sacred space. We’ll review some of the history of this concept and discuss ways to nurture it in our own local body.

The Path of Mediation is a system used in the O.T.O. for dispute resolution. We’ll cover this process, and learn more about who you should talk first to if you have a personal issue in the Order. (Hint: You’re probably with them right now!)

Also, we’ll talk about how you can take advantage of your Man of Earth Delegate, and what these Delegates do.

This class is reserved for those of Minerval degree and above who are dues-current and in good standing. The class will be held at a private residence in Northern Raleigh.